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Biodegradable, Plant-Based Pyramid Tea Bag

Safe, biodegradable pyramid tea bags made from plant-based materials, filled only with whole-leaf tea leaves.

What is a biodegradable pyramid tea bag?

A biodegradable pyramid tea bag is a tea bag with a shape of a pyramid and is made from environment-friendly materials that will completely break down and decompose into natural elements within a period of time when returned to soil.

Features of our whole leaf biodegradable pyramid tea bag

The Tea Leaves       
We use only full whole-leaf quality tea leaves for our tea bags. As whole-leaf tea leaves will uncurl and expand during extraction, our pyramid tea bag is of a substantial size, allowing maximum space for the tea leaves to 'move within' the bag during extraction. 

The Material             
Our biodegradable pyramid tea bag is made from a material called SOILON, which is essentially made of a biodegradable polylactic acid using corn starch as its base material. It is not made from biodegradable plastics like nylon, from fossil resources which is known to emit harmful gases like dioxin when incinerated. SOILON is otherwise known as 'green plastic' of natural form as it is obtainable from reproducible vegetable resources. When buried in the ground after use, SOILON is converted into carbon dioxide and water and ultimately disappears completely.

The Bag                   
Our tea bag is relatively bigger in size than most contemporary tea bags to allow tea leaves to fully expand and uncurl during the steeping process for a richer brew. We use only whole tea leaves for our tea bags, which is why we need a tea bag of a substantial size.
  • Our tea bag is a see-through type, allowing full vision of the tea leaves in the bag from the outside.
  • Our tea bag is made from biodegradable plant based material which does not emit harmful gases like Dioxin when used in boiling water (prolonged boiling in water may cause the tea bag to melt).
  • Our tea bag will decompose into carbon dioxide and water when returned to soil.
  • Our tea bag is sealed at the sides by using eco-friendly ultrasonic rays.

The Shape                
The pyramid tea bag is one that has ample space to hold tea leaves in their whole-leaf form, allowing the whole-leaf tea leaves to move freely within the bag, expand and uncurl as they heat and cool during the steeping process, enabling a better infusion, resulting in a tea which is richer and more flavorful.

The String                
The string is not attached at the tip of the pyramid, but at the side away from the tip. Experiments have shown that strings of tea bags attached at the tip of the pyramid break easily from the weight of water when the tea bags are moved up and down during the brewing process. However, the strings are able to stay intact when attached at the side, away from the tip, throughout the brewing process.

The Weave Size       
Our biodegradable pyramid mesh tea bag comes in a weave size which gives a greater extraction ratio than most other tea bags, with minimal hindrance to the infusion of the tea in the cup, giving the tea a fuller body and richer taste.

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