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kamairicha standard

Organic Kama-Iri-Cha
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Kama-Iri-Cha is a rare Japanese green tea which is pan-fired instead of steamed to halt oxidation, like most Japanese green teas. Immediately after harvest, the tea leaves are left to wither and soften naturally, followed by drying, rolling and shaping on hot iron pans of up to 300°C with repeated agitation to prevent charring. Kama-Iri-Cha tea leaves have a unique curved shape, like commas.
Our organic Kama-Iri-Cha Standard a unique mild sweet aroma with a light refreshing roasted flavor. Its tightly rolled pin-shaped leaf with a curl at the ends is a proof that we use quality tea leaves. A relatively easy to brew tea that does not require any special brewing techniques.

ORIGIN: Kagoshima, Japan

Tea -  5g / 0.2oz
Water - 250ml / 8oz
Aromatic Brewing - 90°C (194°F) / 30~60s 

Tea - 10g / 0.4oz
Water - 1l / 33.8oz
Temp - Room Temperature
Time -  Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hrs

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