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kabuse sencha superior asamushi

Organic Kabuse Sencha
Superior (Asamushi)
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Our superior grade 10-day shaded organic Sencha is made from young leaves harvested on the eighty-eighth day from the start of the first harvest season in spring. It is said that teas made from such leaves are the best tasting teas. This tea is lightly steamed (Asamushi) to preserve its varietal character, giving it a clear golden infusion and is skillfully 'fired' to give the tea its significant rich aromatic flavor and smooth mouth feel. Its tightly rolled fine pin-shaped leaves is a proof that high quality leaves are used.

ORIGIN: Kagoshima, Japan

Tea -  5g / 0.2oz
Water - 250ml / 8oz
Umami Brewing -  70°C (158°F) / 90~120s
Aromatic Brewing -
80°C (176°F) / 60~90s

Tea - 10g / 0.4oz
Water - 1l / 33.8oz
Temp - Room Temperature
Time -  Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hrs

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