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Organic Matcha Sencha Bancha

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Bancha is made from tea leaves harvested in autumn. Unlike most Bancha which are made with oversize, coarse matured leaves without the finishing rolling process because the leaves are too coarse to be rolled, our Sench Bancha uses tea leaves which are harvested before they get too big and coarse and hence are able to be rolled  a little so that the goodness of the tea is enveloped within the leaves. Coupled with the processing expertise of our tea master, we are able to offer an organic Sencha Bancha that is mild and refreshing, with a light natural sweetness. We blended this organic Sencha Bancha with our organic Matcha to give the tea an added boost of richness and vivid green color.

ORIGIN: Kagoshima, Japan

Tea -  5g / 0.2oz
Water - 250ml / 8oz
Aromatic Brewing - 90°C (194°F) / 60~90s 

Tea - 10g / 0.4oz
Water - 1l / 33.8oz
Temp - Room Temperature
Time -  Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hrs

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