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Classification of Japanese Green Tea

Jo Sencha (上煎茶)Superior Sencha.
Toku Jo Sencha (特上煎茶)Premium Sencha.
Hachi-Ju-Hachi-Ya Sencha (八十八夜煎茶)Sencha harvested on the 88th day after Spring begins.
Kabuse Sencha (かぶせ煎茶)
Shaded Sencha.
Asamushi Sencha (浅蒸し煎茶)Lightly steamed (about 30 seconds) Sencha.
Chumushi Sencha (中蒸し煎茶)Medium steamed (about 60 seconds) Sencha.
Fukamushi Sencha (深蒸し煎茶)
Deeply steamed (about 90 seconds) Sencha.
Shincha (新茶)Sencha of first harvest in Spring of the year.
Ichibancha (一番茶) 
Sencha of the first harvest in early Spring.
Nibancha (二番茶)
Sencha of the second harvest in early summer.
Sanbancha (三番茶) Sencha of the third harvest in late summer.
Shutoubancha (秋冬番茶) or Bancha (番茶) Sencha of the fourth harvest in Autumn.
Aracha (荒茶) Crude tea for making into Sencha.
Gyokuro (玉露) Highest grade shaded Sencha. Shaded for twenty days before harvest in Spring, resulting in a tea with a characteristically high content of amino acids, the elements responsible for the natural sweetness of the tea.
Kukicha (茎茶)Steamed Japanese green tea made from the stems of green tea leaves. Rich in amino acids.
Houjicha (焙じ茶)
Green tea leaves and stems of Bancha roasted at high temperature with a distinctive roasted nutty aroma.
Genmaicha (玄米茶)
Sencha or Bancha blended with roasted rice and puff rice.
Konacha (粉茶) 
Small and broken leaves from Sencha processing, used mainly in tea bags. Mild taste, lasting vivid green color. Commonly used in Sushi bars in America.
Funmatsu Ryokucha (粉末緑茶)Fine milled green tea powder.
Matcha (抹茶) Stone milled powdered green tea made from tender young shaded green tea leaves dried in a special furnace called 'Tencha Ro'. High in L-Theanine.
Tencha (碾茶) The crude tea specially processed for making into Matcha.
 Mecha (芽茶) A collection of leaf buds and tips of early spring crops separated from Gyokuro and high-grade Sencha during processing.

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