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Characteristics of Our Organic Matcha

Extremely Smooth and Creamy

The top four leaves of the first eight leaves that sprouted by the twentieth day of shading in Spring are carefully picked for our Matcha. Although the first eight leaves make good quality Matcha, we insisted in using only the top four leaves, which have the deepest umami taste, strongest aroma, most vivid green color and are at their tenderest, resulting in a Matcha which is extremely creamy and smooth, with a thick foam. This is not possible if older and lower quality leaves are used.

Higher than Average L-Theanine Content

010-1L-Theanine is produced in the roots of the plants. It moves from the roots to the leaves. Grown in shades without direct contact with sunlight, L-Theanine remains unchanged in amount and property. Analytical tests show that our organic Matcha has an L-Theanine content as high as 4,000mg/100g. This is because our farmer waits 5 years instead of 3 for his plants to grow before harvesting, allowing the roots to grow deeper into the ground, absorbing maximal nutrients to produce beneficial glutamates, including L-Theanine.

Excellent Vivid Green Color

IMG_1844The higher the quality of the tea leaves, the more vivid green will be the color of the Matcha. We use the top four to eight leaves that sprout by the twentieth day of shading, when the leaves are highest in quality. Even our culinary grade Matcha has a color that is fresh yellow-green, not dull brownish-green. This is a proof that we use quality leaves in our organic Matcha products.

Safety Tested

IMG_2415All our raw materials for our teas, including those for our Matcha products, are tested for pesticides, radiation and heavy metals, crop by crop, at Eurofins Scientific, one of Europe's strictest product safety testing centers, before they are used in making the products and distributed to the public. We are always able to provide the most up-to-date test results from Eurofins when requested.


dWe mill and pack our organic Matcha only upon receipt of an order, just before shipment. Although we take slightly longer to get the order ready, this is our way of ensuring delivering the freshest Matcha to our customers, direct from our factory and immediately after production.

Wide Selection

IMG_2328We offer a wide selection of organic Matcha products, each with its distinctive taste, character an aroma. Every Matcha product is specially created by our tea master. Some are his original recipes while some are blended based on the feedback and requests we have collected over the years from our customers and their consumers.

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