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matcha sencha super green tea

Organic Matcha Sencha
Super Green Tea
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This is a blend of two super organic green teas, Matcha and Kabuse Sencha, to create an organic tea with a super green taste and super green liquorice. It has two infusions where the first infusion is the mellow taste of quality organic Matcha, followed by the second infusion of the umami-packed taste of 10-day-shaded organic Kabuse Sencha. Rich taste, rich color, a tea that will not disappoint anyone.

ORIGIN: Kagoshima, Japan

Tea -  5g / 0.2oz
Water - 250ml / 8oz
Umami Brewing -  70°C (158°F) / 90~120s
Aromatic Brewing -8
0°C (176°F) / 60~90s  

Tea - 10g / 0.4oz
Water - 1l / 33.8oz
Temp - Room Temperature
Time -  Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hrs

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